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Fishing Promotion

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[quote_left author=”” profession=””]Its easy to learn to Fly Fish when you have an expert Fly Fisherman at your disposal, isn’t it?[/quote_left]

I’ve heard more stories about the size of the one that got away in the bar than you can shake a stick at! We’re lucky here at The Forth Inn, we have the pleasure of so many fishermen (and women) both before and after a day out on the water, trying to catch that monster!

So we thought, what about helping all those that would love to learn Fly Fishing. Then we thought let’s team up with the brilliant guys at Tigh Mor who have there own private water in The Trossachs, its about 15 mins from here so you can see we provide an idea base…even if its only for the story of “the one that got away!”.

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• 2 days Fly Fishing tuition at Tigh Mor

• 1 nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast at The Forth Inn

• Packed lunch on the 2nd day

• Mid week or Weekend availability

[styled_box title=”What you need..” width=”” style=”” color=”grey”]

• Yourself and some personal insurance (recommended)

• Rods, line, flys etc will be provided, bring your own if you have them.

• Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

What’s the catch (no pun intended) well there is none, we expect you to come back with a fish or two, what we will do for you back at the Inn, is prepare it and serve it to you as your main course for dinner if you like.

[quote_left author=”” profession=””]Wouldn’t you agree that for a small outlay you will gain some valuable experience[/quote_left]
that’s going to make this pastime of yours something to look forward to every time you can get away… and you get to catch your own dinner too?

Join us for this break, Fly Fishing instruction, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast all for £150. If you want to bring your partner along for the experience too, we’re happy to do that in total for £200.

The next step is yours, click here for the contact form, drop us a few details and any questions and we will get back to you ASAP.

[quote_right author=”” profession=””]Although you might not have realised it yet, this is the best deal available.[/quote_right] You know, here at The Forth Inn we give you the very best service that we can. Sure, other business can try to offer the same deal but they are just not in the same league!

Now then, once you become that expert fisherperson! Here’s something else we’ve been working on, its boat hire on three cracking waters, the Lake of Menteith, Loch Katrine and Loch Achray.

Click here for more details..

We look forward to hearing from you.

One last word.. The Forth Inn or any of it’s staff, will not be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained on this or any other walk or activity you undertake that we have advocated.


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