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Muddy Boots

[quote_left author=”” profession=””]A Walk in the Park.. [frame src=”” ” target=”_self” width=”800″ height=”” alt=”Premium WordPress Themes” align=”left” prettyphoto=”false”] [/quote_left]

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[quote_left author=”” profession=””]One of the things your really going to love about this area is how it all comes to life in Spring..
Has it ever occurred to you that all this is on your doorstep?[/quote_left]

Well, that’s why we have started our very own Muddy Boots Campaign. We want you to join us in exploring this fantastic countryside and to give you some incentive we’re going to provide some ideas and reasons throughout the year suggesting why you should be here and what you can do and see while your with us.

In May, there’s “a buzz in the air”, triggered by warming temperatures and increased daylight hours dragonflies start to emerge from lochs and ponds, hibernating insects like ladybirds leave their nooks and crannies behind, queen bumblebees are on the search for new nesting sites. The first butterflies are on the move and many flowering plants are starting to blossom. The first Spring flowers to bloom come from bulbs, snowdrops should have come and gone, it’s now the time of the Bluebell.

There you have it:  May – Muddy Boots Theme – Bluebells

Doon Hill, a short walk from the centre of Aberfoyle, is blessed as one of the best sites in Scotland for Bluebells, and May sees them at their verybest.

This link Click Here provides a map that is more than adequate for this walk. And it’s “FREE”
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• find the centre of Aberfoyle

• you should see a “Red number 6 and Aberfoyle”

• This indicates panel 6, (it’s on the righthand of the map)

• In the panel you will find a Red Dot and “Doon Hill – 4kms | 1hr 30 mins”

• Back on the map you will now easily see the Red Route to Doon Hill and Back to Aberfoyle

• The route is way marked with posts in the forest, in this instance they will have a Red ring on them, indicating the Red Route

• Did you notice the Bluebell images on the pdf? [/styled_box]


[quote_left author=”” profession=””]Ok, this walk is not just about Bluebells[/quote_left]
You will pass the old church with its mort safes outside, inside are information boards explaining some of the past deeds.. and once your at Doon Hill, don’t forget to go up the hill to join in some of the history of the Reverend Kirk and feel the presence of the fairies… this walk has more to it than just a stroll in the forest!.

Those with some experience can continue to explore, on the above map you can see that other routes join this one, so more of the forest can be discovered.

Don’t forget your camera, we will give a pint (or glass of wine or a soft drink for a youngster) for the best picture posted on our facebook site of this years Bluebells captured around Aberfoyle.

This promotion, it’s our way of asking you to join us in this great part of the world…however, if you do come and you do stay with us overnight, we will give you a FREE Bacon Butty and Coffee when you arrive so long as it’s the Bluebells you have come for!… Failing that we should be open for a pint or two…nothing better after a good day out!

ps we never mentioned the wildlife, you may see Roe Deer, if your lucky Otter and Badger, you should see Buzzards, possibly Woodpeckers, and loads of other smaller birds. Have a great day out.

[quote_left author=”” profession=””]Go on, you know you want to,[/quote_left] stay a little longerclick here for the contact form, drop us a few details and any questions and we will get back to you ASAP.

We look forward to hearing from you.

One last word.. The Forth Inn or any of it’s staff, will not be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained on this or any other walk or activity you undertake that we have advocated.

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